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Next Stop – AXA World Tour

proposé par Noel Eyres pour AXA
Le pitch

Follow Noel as he visits AXA entities around the world, meeting CEOs and customer-facing employees to get to grips with the context in which they work and how they respond to their customers’ needs.


AXA Communications employee Noel Eyres travels around the world to meet the people who make AXA what it is. Through his discussions with people at all levels, he learns abut the social, economic and/or demographic environment that define the business context locally.
He embarks the viewer – internal and external – on a voyage of discovery that avoids corporate communication clichés and provide an insider view of the country, the challenges employees face and the solutions implemented to respond to their customers’ needs.
The videos are edited in a fast-paced, modern manner in which the presenter (Noel) encounters each of his contacts in an informal setting, and whenever possible in representative locations. These interviews are peppered with light-hearted moments, providing a travel-guide feel.
The first challenge was to find the right format: balancing concision and context in a in 4-6 min video. We also needed to diversify in terms of geography, lines of business and levels of maturity.
The first video covered our latest large acquisition in a continent showing much promise. Next Stop Nigeria was a perfect opportunity to test the concept, and the result was extremely positive. We have since covered 3 other countries.

Qualitatively, feedback has been promising with the series being awarded a silver trophy at the Trophées de l’Assurance. Quantitatively, the videos have been viewed over 10 000 times on Youtube, and are also shared on Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin.